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May 02

Docking My Ship at TechIsland 3.0

It’s no exaggeration when we say that the key to economic growth in the Philippines rests heavily upon our local micro, small and medium enterprises. These are the sari-sari stores, neighbourhood Internet cafes, village talyers, 10-person call centers and the like, companies that don’t have the backing of brands such as San Miguel or Coca-Cola […]

April 27

I Need a Better Air-Conditioner In My Life

So this crazy heat wave hasn’t let up yet, and those of us based in Metro Manila often find ourselves in 40-degree midday hell. It’s even worse in some provinces so I shouldn’t complain, but I really can’t stop myself when my shirt gets absolutely drenched in sweat even right after a cold shower. My […]

April 05

The New HP Logo is Sexier than Gal Gadot

Well, that’s just wild hyperbole. While we think Gal Gadot makes for a perfect Wonder Woman, can we just say that we’re also in love with the new and minimalist HP logo? Appearing on the new, almost anorexic Spectre 13 ultrathin, this logo was originally designed back in 2011 by a company called Moving Brands. […]

March 31

Plan Upgrade or PS4? I Can’t Decide.

Toddlers are paradoxical things. For all their antics, they provide a lot of entertainment and glee. Turn your back on them, though, even for an instant, and they can rain destruction down on you faster than than you can say “Save Martha!” A few months ago, my toddler used his talent for mayhem to destroy the family […]

March 04

Braven BRV-PRO Gets Some Great Add-Ons

At a car event a few months ago, I won this: That there is the super ruggedized Braven BRV-PRO, an aluminum-clad, IPX7-certified water-resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker that’s built to stand the abuse of the great outdoors. Launched late last year, the BRV-PRO came with the promise of soon-to-be-available modular accessories that would give these speakers more […]

November 12

Screw Bazaars, Tech Sales are More Fun

Got your Christmas bonus and 13th month pay yet? Even if you haven’t, you may want to check out the Techbox Mega Warehouse Gadget Sale from November 13 to 15. The sale promises discounts of up to 80 percent off their merch. The warehouse sale will be held at a warehouse, surprise, off C5 and […]

October 30

SMART and Airbnb Team Up For Discounts

If you suffer from acute dromomania, aka chronic wanderlust, then the latest partnership agreement signed by Smart just might be the cure. The Philippine telco has teamed up with travel accommodation marketplace Airbnb to serve a sweet perk to Smart subscribers. Here’s how it goes. For every minimum spend of PhP 8,000 on a single […]

October 22

Instax Mini 70: Party Animal

The Instax Mini from Fujifilm is an almost ubiquitous guest in parties and events. And why not? It’s a fun piece of kit, able to capture a fleeting moment and instantly print it out. Over the years we’ve had several versions of the camera, including the immensely popular Mini 8. The Mini 8, though, while […]

October 21

Back to the Future X Toyota Mirai

Following the much-watched, much-enjoyed Toyota Mirai teaser video reuniting Back to the Future stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, Toyota has finally released the full 5-minute video, dubbed “Fueled by the Future.” In the video, Fox and Lloyd (we can’t not think of them as Doc Brown and Marty McFly) are introduced to Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell technology, a real […]

October 19

Star Wars Battlefront Hits Home

Make no mistake. Though we may like to believe that we’re sharing it with the next generation, Star Wars truly belongs to the children of the 70s, the people who saw at least one of the original trilogy on the big screen, before George Lucas jizzed all over them with the “Special Editions,” the kids who grew up […]