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August 19

Book & Borders Cafe Opens In Cubao

I write for a living, which affords me the freedom to enjoy a peripatetic work routine. My day consists of shuffling from client meetings, interviews and shoots, to cafes and coworking spaces where I just park myself to hammer out an article or two. Of late, I’ve been finding myself working around the Cubao area, […]

August 15

Are You Ready for a DEWmocracy?

You may have noticed two new variants of Mountain Dew on store shelves recently. Dubbed Live Wire and Blue Shock, these two flavors complement the classic Mountain Dew in the radioactive green bottle. As its bottle suggests, Live Wire is Mountain Dew with an angry orange taste, strong and tingly to the tongue. On the other hand, […]

June 23

Taking the Edge Off with Primera Light (and ian veneracion)

Between having a morning veterinary emergency with our aged cat and running an hour late for my coverage, Friday last June 10 just wasn’t getting off to a good start. By the time I arrived at the Primera Light Brandy event, I had missed the program entirely, catching only a glimpse of actor Ian Veneracion, […]

May 31

“Pinoy and Proud” is Jollibee’s New Battlecry

Celebrating this year’s Independence Day, fastfood giant Jollibee is going all-out #PinoyAndProud this entire month of June with an even more local twist on an already homegrown brand. Their campaign, dubbed “#PinoyAndProud: Ang Sarap, Ang Saya Maging Pilipino!,” hopes to reinforce a sense of nationalism among its customers via key branding elements, music and, of […]

March 16

Mixing the Mixologists of the Future

When I was in school, way before the Internet was even a thing, we were taught to stay away from the bottle. Drinking was strongly discouraged because alcohol was the devil. Being caught with a hip flask on campus was grounds for suspension and an uncomfortable sit-down between the school administrators  and your parents. And then you […]

February 24

Ginebra San Miguel Has Your Summer Sorted

  As far as liquors go, gin is as proletariat as you can get. Its popularity is undeniable; affordable and accessible to the mass market, it is an easy tipple of choice for those all-night drinking sessions with your uncles in the garage or those she-doesn’t-love-me-anymore emo-fests with your closest mates each time a girl […]

February 11

Hey, Mister, That’s a Mister Donut Declaration of Love

Filipinos can be a terribly sappy lot, finding simple pleasures in the cute, the kitschy, the babaw things in life. This includes devoutly watching teleseryes, dressing up daughters in explosions of pink, sweet kabaduyans on Facebook or SMS, a shared bar of chocolate at the library. For many of us, even the smallest gestures count for a […]

October 08

Facing the Goto Monster

After a long night of hard partying with your friends, there’s always that inevitable craving for something to chow down on, something to break the buzz with, an opportunity to put something solid in your belly. Makati does have its fair share of all-night post-gimik food stops,

October 04

Coffee at The Curator

Discovered a cool speakeasy coffee shop in Legazpi Village the other day. Called The Curator, you access this by going through the Cyrano Wine Shop at the corner of Palanca and Legazpi. Had myself a cold brew, which is my go-to drink whenever I try out a new cafe. Not bad, not bad. Would have […]