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November 10

Lazada’s 11.11 Online Revolution Sale Starts at Midnight Tonight

Finished with your Christmas shopping yet? If you’re anything like me then you probably haven’t ticked off a single name on your Christmas list — if you even have a Christmas list, that is. That puts you (and me) in a pickle as the never-ending traffic situation just seems to keep everyone away from doing […]

August 15

Are You Ready for a DEWmocracy?

You may have noticed two new variants of Mountain Dew on store shelves recently. Dubbed Live Wire and Blue Shock, these two flavors complement the classic Mountain Dew in the radioactive green bottle. As its bottle suggests, Live Wire is Mountain Dew with an angry orange taste, strong and tingly to the tongue. On the other hand, […]

June 15

Twilight’s Bronson Pelletier Versus Hilary Isaac

While the Twilight movie franchise is so utterly alien to the demographic I belong to, it was an absolute laugh trip to watch Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon trade japes with our very own Hilary Isaac at the ToyCon 2016 media event. The great thing about live interviews is that they can be unpredictable. Case in point: a […]

December 02

We Can’t Afford to Lose the Race to Extinction

In 100 years, 50 percent of all species on this planet could be extinct. This is the stark future that the documentary Racing Extinction poses, a plausible scenario that is horrifying because it’s largely our fault. Created by the same team that brought you the gut-wrenching documentary on dolphin slaughter, The Cove, Racing Extinction exposes the excesses  modern man […]

October 09

Get Your Feet Wet. Or Not.

Just got an invite to the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber media launch! Can’t wait for next week!

October 02

Nikes in Floral Flavor

Shot these purty kicks for a magazine today. Not for everyone, but I think I can pull these shoes off.