Star Wars Battlefront Hits Home

Make no mistake. Though we may like to believe that we’re sharing it with the next generation, Star Wars truly belongs to the children of the 70s, the people who saw at least one of the original trilogy on the big screen, before George Lucas jizzed all over them with the “Special Editions,” the kids who grew up dreaming of being Han Solo or piloting an Incom T-65 X-Wing or whizzing through the forest moon of Endor on a speeder bike.

It’s precisely the old fogies like us that Sony and EA have set their targeting computers on with the new ad for Star Wars Battlefront. Harping on some serious nostalgia heartstrings, the new ad hardly even touches on the gameplay. Instead, it focuses on why we love Star Wars, the memories we share with childhood friends and siblings, the games and toys we used to pretend with.

I’m reaching for my wallet now.