Instax Mini 70: Party Animal


The new Instax Mini 70 is available in Island Blue, Canary Yellow and Moon White.

The Instax Mini from Fujifilm is an almost ubiquitous guest in parties and events. And why not? It’s a fun piece of kit, able to capture a fleeting moment and instantly print it out. Over the years we’ve had several versions of the camera, including the immensely popular Mini 8. The Mini 8, though, while fun, wasn’t very smart as a camera. Because it had a fixed shutter speed, it could be quite fiddly with exposure in difficult lighting conditions and you couldn’t turn the flash off.

Enter the Instax Mini 70, the latest release in the Instax series. Dubbed, “the party camera,” the Mini 70 improves on the Mini 8 by having a variable shutter speed, determined by the camera’s auto exposure control. A sensor reads a scene’s brightness for both subject and background and adjusts shutter speed and flash intensity accordingly. This makes for a smarter shooter especially in low light situations such as indoors, during concerts and, well, at parties.


Fashion blogger Janeena Chan hosts the Instax Mini 70 halloween launch.

The Instax 70 also has several modes that the Mini 8 doesn’t have, such as macro and landscape, and the on-fleek, on-point, awesome Selfie mode. Select Selfie and the camera optimizes its exposure settings and focus for shots taken at an arm’s length. There’s a little mirror beside the lens that lets you and your friends compose the shot. There’s even a countdown timer for the shutter.


Nelson Perez, Fujifilm Division Manager of Photo Imaging and Electronic Imaging, says a few words about the Instax Mini 70.

Only three color choices for the Mini 70 are available at the moment, Canary Yellow, Island Blue and Moon White, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Fujifilm added some more in the future, just as they did with the Mini 8. The camera itself is far more attractive, with its slimmer, sleeker body, than the chunkier Mini 8 (which really comes off as a toy). Even without a full hands-on, we can already say that the Instax Mini 70 is a welcome addition to the Instax family.

You can expect a proper field test and review once we get a unit. Until then, you can check out this report from The Fuji Guys.