Braven BRV-PRO Gets Some Great Add-Ons

At a car event a few months ago, I won this:


That there is the super ruggedized Braven BRV-PRO, an aluminum-clad, IPX7-certified water-resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker that’s built to stand the abuse of the great outdoors. Launched late last year, the BRV-PRO came with the promise of soon-to-be-available modular accessories that would give these speakers more utility than mere audio reproduction and device charging.

Well, those accessories are now off the boat and in-store, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Here’s a run-down.


Glow Deck
If you like going camping (like I do), then the first accessory you’ll want to get is the Glow Deck. Available for PhP1,450, this waterproof plate attaches to the top of the BRV-PRO, casting light via LEDs within. This means you don’t have to sit scared alone in your tent under a moonless darkness that’s so thick it’s practically palpable. You can now sit scared alone in your tent but with a light on.


braven-brv-pro-accessories-solar-panel-d_1Solar Panel
The BRV-PRO can dish out music for about 15 to 20 hours before its battery gives out on you. If you often find yourself miles away from an electrical socket, then you may want to get the Solar Panel next. Like the Glow Deck, it is waterproof and attaches to the top of the speaker. Flip it open and let it soak up the suns rays, for renewable energy, ya know? These go for PhP 2,450.


braven-brv-pro-accessories-battery-pack-cBattery Pack
For the same price, you could go for more stored energy with the BRV-PRO Battery Pack. Adding 3800mAh of juice to your speaker, it should give you a lot more longevity for your playlists (Braven claims it extends the total hours of music play some 65 hours, which is a claim that needs to be tested IRL).


braven-brv-pro-stacking-plate-d_1Stacking Plate
Now, if you’re the type who likes bringing a party wherever you go, even in the deepest, most engkanto-filled parts of the woods (you know you shouldn’t), then you may want to up your wattage with a stacking plate and another BRV-PRO. What the stacking plate does is allow you to connect two BRV-PROs together, one on top of the other (duh, stacking, hello?). I remember hearing that you could stack more than two, but I can’t seem to find any documentation from Braven on that. These plates cost PhP 950 a pop.


braven-brv-pro-action-mount-e_1Action Mount
Last, and (for my personal context) least, is the BRV-PRO Action Mount. This accessory lets you attach your BRV-PRO to a GoPro mount or something similar, though personally I wouldn’t want to mount this on my mountain bike or, much less, on top of my helmet. Sure, might make sense to strap it onto the roll bars of your truck or on the mast of your catamaran, but I ain’t got none of that. These go for PhP 750 each.

So there. If you’re the outdoor type (unlike Evan Dando) or want to pretend you are one (like Evan Dando), and happen to own the bitchin’ Braven BRV-PRO, then a trip to your local Digital Walker or Digits Trading distributor is warranted. Summer’s almost here, so gear up, lads!


Stacked, like Leonardo di Caprio and the bear.