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July 28

BlueWater Day Spa Launches Two New Massage Treatments

As a writer and editor, I spend the greater part of my day hunched over my notebook, tapping out my stories or mercilessly gutting submissions. It’s not a posture-friendly job, and common work-related afflictions include repetitive stress syndrome, carpal tunnel snydrome, migraine, stiff neck and body pain. When I’ve worked too long and my body […]

May 03

Getting the Royal Treatment for your Leather Goods

I’ve been covering the luxury beat for a few years now and, while my focus is largely on timepieces, I do keep abreast of other luxe categories. That’s why, one Friday evening last month, I found myself at the opening of the Duchess of Luxury Manila, a small boutique that specializes in the care, restoration, […]

May 02

Docking My Ship at TechIsland 3.0

It’s no exaggeration when we say that the key to economic growth in the Philippines rests heavily upon our local micro, small and medium enterprises. These are the sari-sari stores, neighbourhood Internet cafes, village talyers, 10-person call centers and the like, companies that don’t have the backing of brands such as San Miguel or Coca-Cola […]