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November 15

My Heart Belongs to Miss Honduras

In any beauty pageant, it’s inevitable for the gawker who takes an interest in such things to play favorites. For the ongoing Miss Asia Pacific International Pageant 2017, my hands-down fave candidate is Miss Honduras. I met the disarmingly charming young lady at the press presentation of the candidates, held at the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel […]

August 19

Book & Borders Cafe Opens In Cubao

I write for a living, which affords me the freedom to enjoy a peripatetic work routine. My day consists of shuffling from client meetings, interviews and shoots, to cafes and coworking spaces where I just park myself to hammer out an article or two. Of late, I’ve been finding myself working around the Cubao area, […]

June 15

Twilight’s Bronson Pelletier Versus Hilary Isaac

While the Twilight movie franchise is so utterly alien to the demographic I belong to, it was an absolute laugh trip to watch Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon trade japes with our very own Hilary Isaac at the ToyCon 2016 media event. The great thing about live interviews is that they can be unpredictable. Case in point: a […]

May 16

Gearing Up for a Filthy Summer

So, the folks out there who know me know that I figured in a very ugly skateboard accident back in 2008. I wiped out on a Sector 9 while on an easy cruise that unexpectedly and quickly transformed into a downhill drop. Smashed my front tooth, nearly tore off a nipple (OUCH), multiple cuts and […]

May 02

Docking My Ship at TechIsland 3.0

It’s no exaggeration when we say that the key to economic growth in the Philippines rests heavily upon our local micro, small and medium enterprises. These are the sari-sari stores, neighbourhood Internet cafes, village talyers, 10-person call centers and the like, companies that don’t have the backing of brands such as San Miguel or Coca-Cola […]

April 02

CONS Project Manila Kickflips Up To Baguio City

Hail to Converse! The sneaker brand continues to champion skate culture with its sub-brand CONS and its street level skateboard tour CONS Project Manila, this time taking the show to the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. Way to go to escape this damnable heat! Held last March 19 in the City of Pines, the […]

March 16

Mixing the Mixologists of the Future

When I was in school, way before the Internet was even a thing, we were taught to stay away from the bottle. Drinking was strongly discouraged because alcohol was the devil. Being caught with a hip flask on campus was grounds for suspension and an uncomfortable sit-down between the school administrators  and your parents. And then you […]

February 24

Ginebra San Miguel Has Your Summer Sorted

  As far as liquors go, gin is as proletariat as you can get. Its popularity is undeniable; affordable and accessible to the mass market, it is an easy tipple of choice for those all-night drinking sessions with your uncles in the garage or those she-doesn’t-love-me-anymore emo-fests with your closest mates each time a girl […]

February 22

Your Feet Are Revolting! Do Something About It!

Hey Sneakerheads! Up to 40% off on selected shoes sneakers, apparel and accessories in all Converse stores around the Philippines starting today. Dubbed the “Revolution Sale,” this event runs from Feb 22 thru the 29th – holy moley it’s a leap year! Riding on this month’s commemorative EDSA festivities, this nevertheless benefits everyone, even the […]

February 12

Super Nerda Fights Boredom and Saves Metro Manila!

If you can run fast like the Flash or have a sweet ride like Batman (Bruce Wayne says, “Fear me, traffic!”), you can still catch the last few shows of Super Nerda, the ass-kicking, fast-talking, superhero comedy play at the University of Santo Tomas. The creation of Kane Errol Choa brought to life by scriptwriter and director Jan […]