I Need a Better Air-Conditioner In My Life


So this crazy heat wave hasn’t let up yet, and those of us based in Metro Manila often find ourselves in 40-degree midday hell. It’s even worse in some provinces so I shouldn’t complain, but I really can’t stop myself when my shirt gets absolutely drenched in sweat even right after a cold shower.

My current air-conditioner isn’t cooperating. Sure, it puts up a valiant effort, bringing down the ambient temperature in our bedroom enough to be a respite during the afternoon. But leave it on the entire night and it struggles to maintain its cool. By 2AM, it starts shuddering like a V8 with a broken piston and I need to scale back on the thermostat to keep it from shaking apart.

So, I predict, in the near future when I have my finances in order, I should get an inverter-type air-conditioner to replace ol’ box-type. I’m currently looking at the LG Inverter V Cool, one of the models included in LG’s new deluxe Inverter V series.

What’s great about split-type units is that they keep the noisy bits out of the house. Cooled air is piped in through a duct into a blower unit. You do need to bore a hole through the wall, though.

These LG Inverter V models have an ultra-silent BLDC fan motor and Torque Control, which allows precise reduction of noise, vibration and compression loss. They promise quick and powerful cooling while bringing down electrical consumption by up to 69 percent (meaning you can run it longer without experiencing bill shock at the end of the month!). As Red Dot Awardees, they don’t look half bad either.

The Inverter V Cool is also available with LG’s Mosquito Away technology, essentially an ultrasonic repeller that drives away skeets, including the Aedes Aegypti. the culprit behind the spread of dengue fever and the Zika virus. Tested by UP Los Baños Crop Protection Cluster Research Professor Dr. Pio A. Javier, Mosquito Away boasts an 82.71 percent success rate at keeping these bugs at bay.

So, what you get in the LG Inverter V Cool are: more powerful cooling at less electrical consumption, a quieter experience, no killer bugs. That’s not bad at all.