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June 10

Good Grooming Starts With Shopping at Watsons

One of the best compliments you can give anyone is, “You don’t look your age.” This is, of course, when you’re implying that someone looks younger than the number of years under his or her belt and not the other way around. Well, Watsons, Asia’s leading personal care retailer, does not look its 175 years (and we mean […]

June 09

Converse Boosts the Saturation on Their Chuck Taylor II Neons

My wife and I recently argued about Chuck Taylor All Stars. She’s of the school of thought that Chucks only look good when they’re in their basic black, white, or red, with burgundy just making her grade. I, on the other hand, am totally fine with Chucks being playful, unabashed, printed, even garish. History is on […]

June 08

Puma Meets McQueen at SneakPeek’s Unlocked 13

The creative possibilities between sneaker giant Puma and avant-garde fashion house Alexander McQueen were first revealed to the world during Spring 2006, when the Alexander McQueen Puma line was launched. Ten years hence, and even after the death of the designer, this collaboration lives on with Puma x McQ Spring/Summer 2016.     The collaboration harks back to Puma’s […]

May 25

Triple Red Defines the ASICS Gel Kayano x Packer

Not may people know who Michael Packer is nor why his name is on this latest colorway of the Asics Gel Kayano trainer. Sneaker fans, however, know that the Packer name is synonymous with sneaker heritage, a three-generation love affair with shoes that dates back to 1907 when Packer Shoes first opened it doors in Yonkers, New […]

May 16

Gearing Up for a Filthy Summer

So, the folks out there who know me know that I figured in a very ugly skateboard accident back in 2008. I wiped out on a Sector 9 while on an easy cruise that unexpectedly and quickly transformed into a downhill drop. Smashed my front tooth, nearly tore off a nipple (OUCH), multiple cuts and […]

May 06

A Balanced Diet of Color and Style from New Balance

One thing about sneakers, some colorways work exceptionally well, while some just miss the mark. A shoe might sport colors that should, theoretically, go well with each other, yet still look really bad. There are those brands, on the other hand, who do colors sublimely well, like New Balance. This is demonstrated time and again […]

April 17

Saucony Shadow 6000 Comes In Easter Egg Colors

Easter may be over but that won’t stop a great colorway from breaking loose. The Easter Egg Hunt Pack for the Saucony Shadow 6000 was released yesterday at an Unlocked event at premium kick store SneakPeek. Why Easter Egg? The color pack draws from the tradition of dyeing eggs for Easter festivities, making this pack especially brightly […]

April 02

CONS Project Manila Kickflips Up To Baguio City

Hail to Converse! The sneaker brand continues to champion skate culture with its sub-brand CONS and its street level skateboard tour CONS Project Manila, this time taking the show to the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. Way to go to escape this damnable heat! Held last March 19 in the City of Pines, the […]

March 07

Chuck Taylors Get Fruity for Summer

Following last year’s Andy Warhol collection featuring the pop artist’s iconic banana print, Converse continues its tropical theme with the recent release of the oddly-named Chuck Taylor All Star Book Stripe. Just in time for the summer heat, these Chucks forego the banana for a repeating festive pineapple motif. They are available as hi-tops and […]

February 22

Your Feet Are Revolting! Do Something About It!

Hey Sneakerheads! Up to 40% off on selected shoes sneakers, apparel and accessories in all Converse stores around the Philippines starting today. Dubbed the “Revolution Sale,” this event runs from Feb 22 thru the 29th – holy moley it’s a leap year! Riding on this month’s commemorative EDSA festivities, this nevertheless benefits everyone, even the […]