Saucony Shadow 6000 Comes In Easter Egg Colors

Easter may be over but that won’t stop a great colorway from breaking loose. The Easter Egg Hunt Pack for the Saucony Shadow 6000 was released yesterday at an Unlocked event at premium kick store SneakPeek.


Why Easter Egg? The color pack draws from the tradition of dyeing eggs for Easter festivities, making this pack especially brightly colored. If you’ve ever dyed Easter Eggs, then these colors will be VERY familiar to you. Three colorways are available, Teal, Rich Purple and Cerulean Blue.

As a limited edition, the Easter Egg Hunt is made unique by the vibrant color saturating the shoe’s perforated suede upper. This deep color extends beyond the upper into the lining and laces. The midsole and outsole are in a complementary eggshell white. Like other versions of the Shadow 6000, this pack features long wear technology suede for the upper, with perforated zones for ventilation and breathability. The collar and lining are padded for plush comfort, and the EVA midsole is paired with the Saucony signature lug outsole.


Aside from the fact that the Shadow 6000 has proven itself to be a very good shoe with silhouette that’s as classic as you can get, we really can’t get over how good the color works in this pack. It’s definitely the dye working well with the material. The color has nuanced changes across the upper, giving it a handmade organic feel. You know the expression, “Find your light”? Well, you can add that feature to this shoe. When it catches the light, the colors and the slight variations upon the shoe come to fore brilliantly. It’s a head-turner, a conversation-starter, and a real mark of individuality for those brave sneaker pimps who aren’t afraid of color.


This launch also marks the 10th event in the SneakPeek Unlocked series of kick drops for the season. You can expect several more throughout the rest of the summer.