CONS Project Manila Kickflips Up To Baguio City

Skate participantss

Hail to Converse! The sneaker brand continues to champion skate culture with its sub-brand CONS and its street level skateboard tour CONS Project Manila, this time taking the show to the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. Way to go to escape this damnable heat!

Held last March 19 in the City of Pines, the Baguio leg of CONS Project Manila (hey, shouldn’t they just call it CONS Project Baguio?) brought together over 120 skaters and enthusiasts for a day of ollies, nollies, boardslides, nosegrinds, rocket airs and nosegrabs, as well as a skate photography workshop by Maui Hidalgo, resident shooter of skateboard mag blunt.

CONS Influenver Rasheed Al Rasheed..

Rasheed al Rasheed executes a perfect grind.

Wowing the crowd with their mad skills were Converse CONS Regional Skate Brand Ambassador Jeff Gonzales and Converse CONS PH skate influencers Kenneth Evangelista, Rasheed Al Rasheed, Jundin Santos, CL Paje, and Baguio local Iking Diaz, Jr. 2600 Baguio City reprazent, yo!


CONS PH Regional Ambassador Jeff Gonzales

How Jeff Gonzales deals with traffic cones.

The day culminated with Converse Philippines announcing the turnover of skate ramps to the Baguio skateboarding community, complementing the local government’s efforts in providing a venue for its local skateboarders, thus supporting the scene, and helping develop new talent while giving seasoned thrashers a new place to call home.


CONS Influencer Iking Diaz Jr fan signing.

2600 resident Iking Diaz, Jr. signs a CONS Project Manila shirt for a fan.

We’re sorry we didn’t get to catch this event in the flesh, though we did catch the first leg back in Las Piñas in November. We hope to catch CONS Project Manila in their future tours in Cebu, Baler and back in Metro Manila.



Because CONS.


Make no mistake, skateboarding is an equal opportunity sport.

And, from last year’s Las Piñas leg at the BF Resort Pelota Court…