Converse Boosts the Saturation on Their Chuck Taylor II Neons

My wife and I recently argued about Chuck Taylor All Stars. She’s of the school of thought that Chucks only look good when they’re in their basic black, white, or red, with burgundy just making her grade. I, on the other hand, am totally fine with Chucks being playful, unabashed, printed, even garish. History is on my side, methinks, as Converse has always had a rebellious streak to their products. Chucks aren’t just Rock n Roll. They’re also punk, glam, hip-hop, house, techno, metal, new wave, thrash, disco and more. Except maybe that most antiseptic of all music genres, soft rock. Chucks are never soft rock.


These latest Chucks are Disco, House and 80s Hip-Hop, maybe a bit of SoCal Punk-Pop. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Neon is the official name of the collection, with two very bright colorways available to the Philippine domestic market, Green Gecko and Red (what, no clever color name?). As most Chucks, these are available in both hi-tops and lo.

Being Chucks II, they enjoy Nike’s green Lunarlon sockliner, which looks absolutely gorgeous inside the red shoe. Micro-suede lining, premium canvas construction, garter-secured non-slip tongue, moulded eyelets, an embossed screen-printed license plate and embroidered star-centered ankle patches place Chucks II a cut above the bog-standard ones. Their laces match, rather than contrast, for a more unified appearance.


Something interesting though. Under certain lighting conditions, such as those you’d find in a club or under a CSI investigation, these Chucks glow. You can see this in the #ReadyForMore music video by the local dance crew ADDLIB when the lights go down. D0 check em out.

You should be able to find Chuck Taylor All Star II Neons in your friendly neighborhood Converse shop. Better to go to their concept stores rather than their department store walls. They’re available at PhP 3,990 a pair.