Gearing Up for a Filthy Summer

So, the folks out there who know me know that I figured in a very ugly skateboard accident back in 2008. I wiped out on a Sector 9 while on an easy cruise that unexpectedly and quickly transformed into a downhill drop. Smashed my front tooth, nearly tore off a nipple (OUCH), multiple cuts and contusions on each of my limbs, busted lips and a double concussion. No, I was not wearing armor of any sort – I thought it would be a cakewalk –  stupid me.


Don’t try this at home!

Since that time, I’ve resisted the urge to indulge in any board sports, except for one failed attempt at surfing in Calicoan. For the most part, I’ve been enjoying skateboarding and surfing from the safety of my home, living vicariously through the lenses of my favorite surf and skate photographers. Late last year, though, my interest in boards once again went bzzz! due to several things.

One, the launch of several electric boards (I’m a tech geek, and tricking out a board with an app-controlled motor is just something that will get a rise out of me). Two, the skate events I covered around Manila. Three, the premiere of Days of Filth, the new surf movie from filmmaker Mark Mabanag.

Premiered last April 28 at the Century City Mall and sponsored by surf/skate/snowboard apparel giant VOLCOM, Days of Filth is a veritable who’s who of local surfing, featuring PJ and Philmar Alipayo, Carlito Nogalo, Piso Alcala, Luke Landrigan, Manuel Melindo, Mike Oida, Marco Villareal, Wilson Faraon, John Louie Farinas, Dionisio Espejon, Osot Alcala, Roger Casugay, Ian Saguan and John Mark Tokong.


Mabanag created the film with freedom in mind. “Pack your bags, bring your boardies and surfboards, carry a book, play rock n’ roll music and go,” he says. “They say experience is the best education, so why not get down wherever you feel like it? Camp whenever and wherever you feel like it. Enjoy the cold beers and grilled fish in the wild. Forget the fresh laundry; wash your clothes by the beach. Do whatever you want, you are free.” He adds, quite presciently, “Days of Filth is your beautiful distraction from political campaigns.”

Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction, and Days of Filth does exactly that. Since watching the flick, my wife has gone to La Union and learned, after just two wipeouts, how to ride a board. We’ve bought ourselves a Globe skateboard from Grind, and, guess what? We’ve booked a trip to Siargao later this week. Hey, if she can learn how to surf after two tries, then maybe, after three days perhaps, I can surf, too!


Globe from Grind

If you want to catch screenings of Days of Filth, check out Mark Mabanag’s Facebook page, here, for schedules and venues.