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June 09

Converse Boosts the Saturation on Their Chuck Taylor II Neons

My wife and I recently argued about Chuck Taylor All Stars. She’s of the school of thought that Chucks only look good when they’re in their basic black, white, or red, with burgundy just making her grade. I, on the other hand, am totally fine with Chucks being playful, unabashed, printed, even garish. History is on […]

June 08

Puma Meets McQueen at SneakPeek’s Unlocked 13

The creative possibilities between sneaker giant Puma and avant-garde fashion house Alexander McQueen were first revealed to the world during Spring 2006, when the Alexander McQueen Puma line was launched. Ten years hence, and even after the death of the designer, this collaboration lives on with Puma x McQ Spring/Summer 2016.     The collaboration harks back to Puma’s […]

April 17

Saucony Shadow 6000 Comes In Easter Egg Colors

Easter may be over but that won’t stop a great colorway from breaking loose. The Easter Egg Hunt Pack for the Saucony Shadow 6000 was released yesterday at an Unlocked event at premium kick store SneakPeek. Why Easter Egg? The color pack draws from the tradition of dyeing eggs for Easter festivities, making this pack especially brightly […]

April 02

CONS Project Manila Kickflips Up To Baguio City

Hail to Converse! The sneaker brand continues to champion skate culture with its sub-brand CONS and its street level skateboard tour CONS Project Manila, this time taking the show to the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. Way to go to escape this damnable heat! Held last March 19 in the City of Pines, the […]

January 22

Converse Previews Spring/Summer 2016 Collections

Eager to find out what Converse has in store for us this 2016? Last January 20, the StreetsMNL Team got a rare glimpse into the near future from the iconic sneaker brand during their Spring/Summer 2016 media preview. The event was held at the Pineapple Lab photography studio and gallery in Makati, well-attended by Converse brand ambassadors, media peeps and […]

November 07

Socks That Rock Manila Streets

Statement socks are all the rage these days, but that doesn’t come as a surprise. With more people eager and willing to flaunt their personal brand of style, dress codes and traditional fashion fascism be damned, hosiery is a logical subject for play. We’ve seen several local sock brands in the market, but none that, design-wise, puts […]

October 26

RRJ Goes Health Goth with Strike Series

There’s a bit of Health Goth action in the second installment to RRJ’s Strike Series collection, which is something we appreciate. Elements of it can be seen in the collection’s use of stark contrast between black and white, the sporty, simple cut to the clothes and the choice of material. While the term “Health Goth” itself hasn’t really found much traction […]