RRJ Goes Health Goth with Strike Series


There’s a bit of Health Goth action in the second installment to RRJ’s Strike Series collection, which is something we appreciate. Elements of it can be seen in the collection’s use of stark contrast between black and white, the sporty, simple cut to the clothes and the choice of material. While the term “Health Goth” itself hasn’t really found much traction here in Manila, the trend is actually on the ground. Even RRJ isn’t keen on the term, describing the new addition to its collection as “streetwear.”

But genres and labels can often be counterproductive. Health Goth, Streetstyle, Urban, however you label RRJ’s new look, it’s how you wear it that ultimately counts. This is, of course, what the collection is all about: encouraging individuals to be true to themselves, to be “real.”


“The urban lifestyle calls for more creative outlets – be it through music, the arts, board sports and the like – and comfortable, wearable clothing is a significant channel of self-expression. Through the Strike Series, we urge people to keep it simple, keep it real. Strike Anywhere and take life by the horns,” says Jonathan Cuyegkeng, RRJ Brand Manager.

Since its introduction last month, the Strike Series collection has figured prominently on the RRJ Facebook page, where they’ve asked 12 bloggers to come up with a story of the week, composing stories using Strike Series merch. Basically, a look book that shows you how to come up with different outfits to fit your particular lifestyle. Which shouldn’t be that hard to do, since the minimalist black and white palette and frill-free lines make it easy to scratch whatever fashion itch you are compelled to address.


The long tees, hoodies and jogger jeans in the RRJ Strike Series collection should be easy enough to pull off. We’d match them with a nice black lid and sneaks that are futuristic as possible. Retro J’s might not match up, but a pair of black and white Adidas Boosts certainly will. RRJ have already announced that the series completes in December, when the last pieces of the collection are released, and we’re pretty sure those will fit in nicely with the rest of the line.

RRJ Strike Series collection is available in all RRJ boutiques and all leading department stores across the Philippines.