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December 10

DC Shoes Drops Two New Kicks for Christmas

Just in time for the final run-up to Christmas, casual kick brand DC Shoes has two new skate sneakers for your holiday consideration: the DC Plaza TC S Tiago Lemos edition and the Lynx Vulc S Blabac from the DC x Blabac collection.   First up is the Lynx Vulc S Blabac, part of the collab […]

November 07

Socks That Rock Manila Streets

Statement socks are all the rage these days, but that doesn’t come as a surprise. With more people eager and willing to flaunt their personal brand of style, dress codes and traditional fashion fascism be damned, hosiery is a logical subject for play. We’ve seen several local sock brands in the market, but none that, design-wise, puts […]

October 26

RRJ Goes Health Goth with Strike Series

There’s a bit of Health Goth action in the second installment to RRJ’s Strike Series collection, which is something we appreciate. Elements of it can be seen in the collection’s use of stark contrast between black and white, the sporty, simple cut to the clothes and the choice of material. While the term “Health Goth” itself hasn’t really found much traction […]