Are You Ready for a DEWmocracy?

wp-1472199781917.jpgYou may have noticed two new variants of Mountain Dew on store shelves recently. Dubbed Live Wire and Blue Shock, these two flavors complement the classic Mountain Dew in the radioactive green bottle.

As its bottle suggests, Live Wire is Mountain Dew with an angry orange taste, strong and tingly to the tongue. On the other hand, Blue Shock brings the taste of Raspberry with a touch of citrus for a cooler flavor profile.

If you’ve tried them both, you’ll no doubt have a preference, whether its for the blue or the orange. However, these two flavors are limited editions and won’t be available for long. That is, unless you help make one of them a permanent flavor.

The brand is inviting Mountain Dew fans to vote for their favorite flavor in a campaign called, “DEWmocracy.” By using the hashtags #DewBlueShock and #DewLivewire on Twitter and Instagram, you’re letting your consumer voice be known to Mountain Dew’s powers-that-be. DEWmocracy is going all-out in getting you to vote, even tapping influencers Ramon Bautista (Team Blue Shock) and Sam YG (Team Live Wire) to endorse their respective candidate.

Voting started August 13 and will continue until the poll closes on October 31. Those who voted for the winning flavor will also have a chance to win a brand-spanking new pick-up truck. You know, so you can load it up with a cooler of Mountain Dew, your besties, chips and sandwiches, and a full tank of gas for adventuring?

We prefer Live Wire, personally, hah! But don’t let us influence you. Fire up your Twitter and Instagram and let your vote count.