Hey, Mister, That’s a Mister Donut Declaration of Love


Filipinos can be a terribly sappy lot, finding simple pleasures in the cute, the kitschy, the babaw things in life. This includes devoutly watching teleseryes, dressing up daughters in explosions of pink, sweet kabaduyans on Facebook or SMS, a shared bar of chocolate at the library. For many of us, even the smallest gestures count for a lot when the thought behind it is genuine and heartfelt.

20160210_141617-01.jpegThis is what Mister Donut is going for with their ongoing Valentine’s Day promotion. From now until February 15, the popular doughnut chain is offering Mister Donut Belgian Love Bites – a Valentine’s Day gift package that includes a stuffed teddy bear bearing (haha, punny) a red rose, a red heart-shaped balloon, and six limited-edition chocolate doughnuts filled with Belgian chocolate ganache and coated in even more chocolate on the outside. Each one is finished with either vanilla glaze (White Heart), strawberry sprinkles (Ruby Heart) or a red glitter icing (Pink Flower), to give them a little bit more flair.

The bears are available in either White, Brown or Pink, which allows you to express your sappiness whether you’re a guy, girl or gender-fluid. The bundle is an affordable 160 bucks, with discounts or rebates for volume purchase. For when, you know, you’ve got a lot of prospects?

While we’re on Mister Donut, they’ve also launched Dream Job Donuts, basically kiddie-sized doughnuts representing three popular careers: chef, movie star, and doctor. Chef is a Chocolate Bavarian decorated with an icing toque, Movie Star is a Classic Bavarian shaped like a, well, star, and Doctor is a Strawberry Jam doughnut with a heart and stethoscope. Sadly missing are the Senator and Congressman doughnuts, which seem to be the hot tickets these days.


A nice touch is the box Dream Job Donuts come in. It’s one of those packages you can cut up with a pair of scissors to make little papercraft dioramas for smaller kids to play with: tiny clinic, tiny kitchen and tiny red carpet. It’s P120 for a box of 12 but you can get them individually for ten bucks a pop.