Taking the Edge Off with Primera Light (and ian veneracion)


Between having a morning veterinary emergency with our aged cat and running an hour late for my coverage, Friday last June 10 just wasn’t getting off to a good start.

By the time I arrived at the Primera Light Brandy event, I had missed the program entirely, catching only a glimpse of actor Ian Veneracion, Primera Light’s “man of the hour” and newest brand endorser being interviewed for TV before being hustled away by his handlers.

The man looked remarkably well-preserved, having lost none of the good looks he had as a younger actor and even gaining a touch of the gravitas that comes with life experience. Considering most men his age tend to look like total schlubs, the years have been mighty good to Veneracion.

The actor was chosen by the brand because he best represents its “Tamang Swabe, Swabeng Tama” tag line, used to describe the distinctly flavorful aroma, well-balanced character and exceptional taste of the brandy. Primera Light, which is blended from Solera Gran Reserva Brandy concentrate from Spain, was recently recognized by the Monde Selection International Quality Institute, the distinguished authority of quality in the food and beverages industry worldwide.

My friend from corporate spied me looking all harassed and weary. I’m sorry for missing it, I said, telling him about my cat problems. Can’t stay for lunch either because I have to cover another event on the other side of Metro Manila which starts in an hour.

It’s okay, he said. Things happen. Hope your cat gets better. We talk briefly about Ginebra San Miguel’s upcoming events and he promises something big and basketball related soon, but no details yet. Here, have a drink, he says, grabbing a couple of tumblers of Primera Light.

We toast the brand and the brandy goes down my gullet as advertised, tamang swabe, swabeng tama. It’s a welcome warmth that starts at the throat and radiates outward.

Sometimes a drink in the middle of the day marks an alcoholic, but sometimes it’s exactly what you need to take the edge off, and I needed to take the edge off. A glass of Primera Light was the ticket, and that’s the truth.


Ian Veneracion agrees with my last paragraph.