DC Shoes Drops Two New Kicks for Christmas

Just in time for the final run-up to Christmas, casual kick brand DC Shoes has two new skate sneakers for your holiday consideration: the DC Plaza TC S Tiago Lemos edition and the Lynx Vulc S Blabac from the DC x Blabac collection.


First up is the Lynx Vulc S Blabac, part of the collab between DC Shoes and legendary skate photographer, Mike Blabac. A skater himself, Blabac started documenting the world of skateboarding after moving to San Francisco in 1994. He started getting recognized for his dynamic photos and soon got a job shooting for Mad Circle and Girl Skateboards in 1999. Soon enough, he began shooting for DC.

Over the next two decades, Blabac captured iconic moments in skate history, from Robbie Madison doing a backflip over airplanes to Danny Way jumping the Great Wall of China. New tricks, record-breaking performances and the best skaters of the world, Blabac shot them all.

The DC Blabac signature shoe celebrates the photographer’s life work as a documentarian, an inspiration and influence to skaters of the past, present and even future. It features Blabac’s iconic imagery and photo branding. Made from Suede and canvas with a ghillie laced construction and DC’s Pill Pattern tread, the shoe is distinctive in style and attitude.

Our second skate sneak comes by way of Brazil, where superstar skater Tiago Lemos hails from (though the shoe isn’t made there). It’s a limited edition colorway of the DC Plaza TC S, striking in navy and dark chocolate.

The shoe features DC’s “Super Suede” toe for flick and durability, embellished with Tiago’s custom brand aesthetic. For added skate performance, the shoe also features a new cupsole for better impact absorption and a canvas upper for adequate breathability. Should you prefer a different look, the shoe is also available in black and cream colorways.

If you want to check them out IRL, these kicks are available in DC and Quiksilver stores around the Philippines right now.