It’s a New Day for Solar Entertainment


When you’ve been on a journey for so long, you may find that where you’re going isn’t exactly where you want to go anymore. Things change and a ship must course correct with the times. Doesn’t need to be an about face or a 90-degree shift, just some small adjustments may make the trip more enjoyable and the destination more worthwhile.

This is what Solar Entertainment is hoping to do with the across-the-board rebrand of its roster of channels: ETC, 2nd Avenue, Jack TV, Basketball TV, and Solar Sports. Consider it a makeover of your favorite Solar channels, rather an overhaul, the rebrand introduces some minor tweaking to the look, personality and programming of each channel, without drastically altering its core.

2nd Avenue, for instance, used to skew more toward a female audience. With the refresh, the channel hopes to attract a more even spread of male and female viewers. Its upbeat, positive voice remains the same with its choice of programs, such as the dramas Suits and Blindspot, comedies like Modern Family, and lifestyle shows like Top Chef and, our long-running favorite, Hell’s Kitchen.


ETC, on the other hand, promises to be feistier in character, speaking to all women while keeping a “youthful mindset.” New shows include the baseball drama Pitch, and the new twist on Frank Baum’s Oz universe, Emerald City. Vampire Diaries returns with Season 8 as does Supergirl Season 2.

Jack TV, the favorite entertainment source for young adults, declares that it is GO time. The refresh collects all of DC’s TV superheroes under a single channel – Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Lucifer, Gotham and the Legends of Tomorrow. Great if you’re a DC fan, though for a Marvel fix you’d have to go elsewhere.


For sports fans, there are, of course, Solar Sports and Basketball TV. Solar Sports promises to be “Redefined, Re-energized and Reinforced,” especially with the upcoming Resurgence: Pacquiao vs Vargas match later this year. bTV, on the other hand is gearing up for 2016-2017 NBA season with live games throughout the season and replays at 7pm. This all-hoops channel will also bring you coverage of local and grassroots leauges such as the NAASCU and NCRAA, plus some of the iconic basketball flicks, like Coach Carter and He Got Game.

Aside from the programming and audience tweaks, each channel will also come decked out with new station logos, again, not so drastically different but adjusted just enough to make you notice.

When is this happening? This Sunday, October 16, 8pm across ETC, Jack TV, 2nd Avenue, Basketball TV and Solar Sports. They’re calling it a “channel flip,” which we don’t know if it is a technical term, but it sure sounds apt.