BMO Wins Halloween

While we weren’t able to indulge in debauchery and devilish pursuits last Halloween, we were able to check in on what our friends were doing via Facebook.

Here’s what our pal Kookai Sarmiento was wearing: a BMO bodysuit.


“Who wants to play video games?”

Kookai is a mainstay favorite in the local modeling circuit and an entrepreneur. She’s been wanting me to get my nails did at her nail salon in Makati but I’ve yet to overcome my fear of acetone. I first met her when we shot her for UNO magazine and its Swimsuit Special.

BMO is, of course, everyone’s favorite handheld from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, and is one of the few main characters in the show who hasn’t undergone a gender swap. BMO is officially gender neutral so what Kookai did officially wins the Internet, especially among AT fans.


The BMO character card from Munchkin Adventure Time.

Happy Halloween, folks!