BlueWater Day Spa Launches Two New Massage Treatments

As a writer and editor, I spend the greater part of my day hunched over my notebook, tapping out my stories or mercilessly gutting submissions. It’s not a posture-friendly job, and common work-related afflictions include repetitive stress syndrome, carpal tunnel snydrome, migraine, stiff neck and body pain.

When I’ve worked too long and my body makes known its displeasure for the abuse, I detach myself from the screen and try to relax. One way I do this is to get a massage: a trip to Bruno’s for a classic barbero massage and a trim when my hair’s unmanageable or a trip to a spa for some serious kneading action.

Earlier this week I was invited to the launch of two new massage treatments at the BlueWater Day Spa along Ortigas. The first was a light, soothing massage that’s supposed to detoxify and cleanse your body, called Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, aka MLD. The second was the Indian Head Massage, which aims for destressing and focuses on the head, neck and shoulder area.

MLD, it was explained to us, works by opening up the “major superficial and deep lymph nodes.” Once open, these nodes act like a sponge, absorbing excess lymph fluid which then makes its way through your innards to be expelled through your urine. That’s where the drainage comes in. It’s a “therapeutic prescription for detoxifying and slimming.” Slimming? I’m down for that. “This toxin targeting technique recharges the immune system and reduces water retention and boosts sluggish circulation.”

Claimed benefits of MLD include the relief from vertigo, dizziness, headaches and migraine, reduction of edemas, relief of chronic and subacute inflammation, though I’m usually circumspect about broad promises like that. Plus, I like my massages with a bit more pressure.

What I was more interested in was the second treatment, the Indian Head Massage. The therapeutic massage technique was taught to BlueWater staff by international Indian trainor Ranjeet Kour. This massage focuses on the back, shoulders, and neck, my usual problem areas after all-day-all-nighter writing marathons, and also the head and face. Aromatic oils are applied for a soothing experience not just on the skin but also fills your nose with, hmm, utter relaxation. Stretching and smooth strokes make you just want to fall asleep, but this is a chair massage so you’ll have to defer your slumber until after the treatment. Oh, and some mild hair pulling is involved so, mmm, sarap.

This is what will likely make me go back regularly to the BlueWater Day Spa, easier now that I’ll be opening a new office just across the street from the spa. It’s a new business, hush hush for now, but I expect to still be hunched over my laptop for most of my day. A quick jaunt to BlueWater over lunch sounds like a regular thing for me. Awesome.