Two New Colors for Nike’s Lunarestoa 2 SE


Nike Lunarestoa 2 available in Dark Grey and Red.

I learned a new word today, marl, which the British & World English dictionary defines as, “a mottled yarn of differently coloured threads, or fabric made from this yarn.” It’s this kind of fabric that can be found in Nike’s newest colorways for the Lunarestoa 2 SE.

Just announced by our fashion friends from over the pond, Oki-Ni, Lunarestoa sneaks may now be had in dark grey or red marl. This is somewhat a departure from earlier iterations of the shoe, which typically featured a monochromatic upper to emphasize its sleek understated silhouette. This is built upon a Lunarlon midsole for comfort and optimum performance. Lunarlon works by distributing impact more evenly along the foam when your heel strikes the floor, rather than merely absorbing the pressure. (Niketalk gives a thorough description of how it works and is certainly worth a read, here.)

The Lunarestoa’s other features include a unique black rubber heel cage which provides a good accent to the upper, though I think it works better with the dark grey edition. Nike branding is prominent, naturally, but not garishly so. Personally, I think the red is weak, more salmon than crimson, but maybe I’ll change my mind when I see them IRL.

What do you guys prefer?

821772-001-02 821772-001-05



Images courtesy of Oki-Ni and AFEW.